What Happens if Drinking Green Tea For A Month?

Green tea has been consumed throughout Asia for centuries. Over the last few decades, there have been many studies linking green tea to a myriad of health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, and reducing belly fat.

Green tea contains catechins, a powerful antioxidant against free radicals and encourages repair of damaged cells. Catechins also play an important role in weight management.

One study found that people who regularly drink green tea can lower body mass index and fat percentage in just 12 weeks.

Kelly Burch, a young woman in the US, who has struggled to lose weight trying to drink green tea every day for a month. And this is what happened with his body.

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Less aspartame

Kelly usually only drinks water. However, sometimes he wants a drink that tastes sweet. For that, he will choose aspartame or diet sugar to be mixed into his tea.

Once he knows what it feels like green tea, he feels no longer need to add any kind of sugar to his drink. Good green tea if it is enjoyed just like the original taste, both hot and cold.

Rarely catch a cold

Kelly started drinking green tea in mid-September, when it was changing season in the US so many people got the flu and other viruses.

Kelly’s husband and son were infected, even his son was hospitalized. However, Kelly is the only person who survives without getting sick.

“What is the antioxidant power of green tea? I want to think so, I drank some extra cups during the week, when my husband and child contracted the flu,” Kelly said.

Pay more attention to overall health

Although Kelly is committed to drinking only one glass of green tea a day, this small resolution makes her think about her general health.

“Afterwards, I became easier to make other healthy choices (including not eating too much) all day,” he said.

Able to relax without alcohol

On weekend evenings, when Kelly’s daughter is asleep, Kelly and her husband will be chatting while drinking wine. After a routine start drinking green tea, Kelly tried to exchange wine with a cup of tea.

“When I was enjoying it, I realized how relaxed I was sitting with a steamy drink at the end of the day, after which I could no longer justify the extra calories from wine coming into my body,” Kelly said.

“I lost a little weight, then stopped”

During the first month of the routine drinking green tea, Kelly lost a few pounds of weight, but after that there was no more weight lost even though he still regularly drink green tea, eat healthy, and exercise.

“Unfortunately, I will not rely on green tea to increase fat burning, but I’m pretty sure green tea gives so many health benefits that I will keep drinking it regularly,” Kelly said.