Wedding Preparation: Avoid These Seven Mistakes!

In preparation for the wedding, there will be a lot of things that need to be prepared. The wedding parade also requires you to prepare for the real thing behind the reception parade. You have to plan for the wedding before the party time comes, as many things have not happened according to the current plan. Especially if you have no plans. So what is often the imperfect and failed marriage?

Reserve a place before creating a guest list

According to, the first mistake is booking the wedding hall before making the guest list. This is risky and can turn your marriage into a mess. To make guests more comfortable during the reception, of course, enough space must be provided and according to capacity. Do not rush to book a place but the number of guests you invite is out of place. Of course, this will make the guests uncomfortable in such a crowded place. And in the end, it will hit you.

On the contrary, if you have booked a place that has a few guests, it will hurt you. Therefore, you must first write down and specify the number of guests to invite before deciding where to write. With this, you will make the guests more comfortable and the wedding party will be better and more successful.

In a hurry to define the concept of marriage

The theme or concept of the wedding is something that is waiting for the guests. When defining the idea of ​​this marriage, you should carefully plan and discuss it with your potential spouse, family, and in-laws. There may be some differences in this concept of marital or family marriage. When this happens, have a good discussion to define and connect the idea of ​​marriage. With this mutual agreement, your marriage will have the opportunity to run smoothly and successfully as it has the support of many parties.

Forget important wedding documents

When getting married, documents are of course things that must be completed. Many documents like documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. Certain requirements must be met to legalize your marriage with your spouse. Unfortunately, few people care about forgetting to take care of documents or losing these documents. They put a lot of emphasis on organizing your wedding plan unless they forget to enter the necessary documents.

Hurry to rent a wedding dress

The bride and groom must wear a wedding dress to the reception. So don’t be surprised if many brides who are preparing for their wedding always want to rent dresses already. Limited availability is the reason they want to install and rent it in advance. However, a wedding dress is a dress that should be worn properly and that suits your body. Meanwhile, we realize to ourselves that our bodies are not always the same. There are times when body weight is reduced but it can be increased. So, when you rent a dress outside of the wedding days, what if there is a change in your body shape? Of course, it will hurt you. So you have to rent the dress in the days leading up to the time of execution,

Excessive dieting and treatment

Having a good body in marriage boosts the confidence of the bride and groom. So don’t be surprised if many weddings, especially brides, are dieting or taking body treatments to look good on their wedding day. You are OK to do this. But what you need to remember while doing this diet and treatment is that you have to control it. You should not overdo it or overdo it. It is not impossible that excessive body treatment can make you feel pain at the reception.

Reducing errors

Minimizing Mistakes When Preparing for Your Wedding By avoiding some of the above points, the prospects for a good and easy celebration of your wedding will be open and successful. Therefore, you need to specify in detail what you want in preparation for the wedding march. Make a list and mark any items purchased or not purchased.