The best ways to style a polo shirt

The polo shirt has been around for some time and has remained a popular fashion item because it is unique and classic in appearance and extremely versatile.


The polo shirt is most often suitable for smart/casual occasions. However, while traditionally worn on the golf course ( or while visiting the country club, there are many other times it is also appropriate.

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For a casual approach, try a long-sleeved design. This is a welcome change from the more traditional short-sleeved style and can be worn in a darker colour for a less formal look.

A different look can be achieved by choosing a lighter colour. Choose grey for the base and team it with a white or pastel polo shirt like the mens Farah shirts at sites like

Smart Casual

Sometimes we all struggle to achieve the right balance between smart and casual. Chinos are the answer almost every time! There are so many different colours, styles and shapes available, making it easy to choose a pair to match the occasion. Pick a light chino in a relaxed style and pair it with a smarter polo fitted at the arms and waist. Choose trainers if you want to veer toward casual, smarter shoes; choose loafers if you want to err on the side of smart.

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Simplicity is absolutely key. Patterns are too casual, so avoid them. Add a dark-toned polo that is slim and fitted enough to be tucked into the trousers. This will help you to achieve a sharper, slimmer and more formal appearance. In cooler weather, you could add a blazer here.

Trousers should be slim fit, straight leg, and tailored to finish, preferably in grey or neutral black. Take extra care when choosing trousers here as anything ill-fitting may ruin the look entirely.

In terms of shoes, opt for loafers, brogues or oxford shoes. Make sure they are scuff-free and carefully polished or brushed. Do be careful with those socks! Don’t wear any at all, or make sure they are invisible.

Do not pop the collar or wear all the buttons unfastened. You should also be careful when it comes to the fitting. A polo shirt should be fitted but not tight around the arms, with a sleeve that falls to the mid bicep.