Our top 5 running shoes brands

No wonder running is among the most popular workouts – basically you need zero equipment to start this activity, only a pair of running shoes! We have decided to ask our experts all your frequently asked questions about running trainers, and here’s what we have learned.

What’s important whilst choosing running shoes?

The most important feature of a good running shoe is that it has to provide shock absorption to your feet. Running trainers should be cushioned and flexible to reduce the stress on your joints. They also have to be lightweight so your feet would not get tired too fast! Remember that you shouldn’t save on running trainers, as they are a core element in your running outfit. Not only they make your run comfortable, but also they increase safety! Women’s shoes usually are smaller and narrower than men’s ones, and they also feature more intricate designs.

Here are top 5 running shoes brands, recommended by the experts:

  2. Brooks running shoes

These are very reactive shoes, which means that they respond to your weight, pace of your run and the surface. They truly make the experience smooth and carefree! Heel counter holds your feet in place and provides ultimate stability.

2. Asics running shoes

Some Asics models have a unique construction featuring two midsoles giving you comfort and extra support – we highly recommend them. Also, we appreciate multiple reflective details on the upper, making you visible to motorists even when it is getting dark outside.

3. Hoka One One running shoes

They are obviously lightweight and cushioned – and that’s what we need to obtain maximum comfort. But apart from these features, we love the design and style of this brand. Vibrant colours, various patterns and pretty details will steal any female runner’s heart.

4. Nike running shoes

Nike is a top of mind brand when it comes to running trainers. No wonder – their shoes have a comfy fit, lightweight sole and usually a mesh upper providing extra breathability. Classical, sleek look of Nikes is always in trend!

5. New Balance running shoes

This brand is known not only for the modern silhouette of their shoes, but also for the solid rubber outsole which makes the trainers highly durable (even when you’re running in extreme conditions). New Balance shoes will keep your feet safe and snug, feeling like second skin.

Choosing a perfect pair of running trainers is not an easy job and it should never be rushed. Always try on multiple pairs and choose the one that fits best. Good luck!