Know These Important Things Before You Go to the Songkran Festival in Thailand

Thailand has a festival that attracts the attention of world tourists, called the Songkran Festival which is a celebration of the Thai new year. This festival is regularly held every April 13-15 every year. For three days, Thailand will be busy with a variety of activities held by local residents, ranging from washing rituals of Buddhist statues, offering food to monks, making pagodas out of the sand, releasing birds and fish, to water wars.

One of the favorite activities is the water war, which involves almost all local residents as well as tourists. This water war originated from the tradition of people who splashed water from washing statues with one another in order to get blessings and good luck in the new year and rid themselves of all bad things. It fell in April when the temperature of Thailand was very hot, the water war ritual at the Songkran Festival became a tourist attraction awaited by visiting tourists.

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Before celebrating the Songkran Festival, you must know the following basic things:

1. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket are the three most populous cities that celebrate the Songkran Festival

It could be said that all cities in Thailand held the Songkran Festival, but Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket were the most crowded and crowded with tourists. In Bangkok, you will have no trouble finding places that are fun for water wars. Areas along the Khao San Road will be flooded due to the excitement of this action.

Follow the opening ceremony of the water war in Chiang Mai. Here, you can take part in a parade around the city and witness how local people practice the tradition of scented water on Buddha statues and older people. Afterwards, you are ready to shoot or be shot with a gun full of water.

New year enthusiasm can also be felt in Phuket. During the time of the water war, the city changed, it was not Phuket that it was.

2. The hotel you choose must be strategic so as not to harm yourself

If you already know what city you’ll be in at Songkran festival, you’ll be more likely to choose a local hotel. In choosing a hotel, one thing you should be aware of is the location. Your hotel should be close to the New Year’s eve festival, why?

You won’t be able to avoid the attacks of crazy water shots! It is impossible to survive dry in the middle of the ongoing festival. Once outside the hotel, you will be greeted with water attacks from various directions. Situations like this you might face until the water war is over. Automatically you will get soaked and need to change clothes to the hotel. This is the importance of choosing a hotel with the right location. By choosing a hotel near the “war” location, you can quickly return to your hotel and change clothes.

When you know the exact date and location, why hold off booking a hotel room?

Each year, songkran festivals were held on April 13 – 15. So, I think now would be a good time to book a hotel. Since this festival is one of the most popular and attracts the world’s tourists, it will no doubt booked flights to Thailand and hotels there. Visit a and booked before it runs out.