How to wear black in a fresh way

How to wear black in a fresh way

Black will always be the new black, whatever colours come and go from the catwalks, but how can you keep black looking fresh, exciting and on-trend? We take a look at some key ideas for freshening up everybody’s most flattering shade.

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1. Casual black pantsuit

The casual black playsuit is THE capsule outfit for 2019. Suitable for work, dates and even casual affairs. Wear with heels, white trainers, a blazer or just a flash of red lippy, according to the occasion.

2. Black jeans can be chic

Everybody has a pair of black jeans that they would like to wear all the time. Slimming, comfortable and versatile. Don’t worry about looking scruffy in jeans as you can seriously chic-up black denimwear with the right outfit. Kitten heels, a white shirt, a summer jacket; any of these transform black jeans into effortless elegance in no time.

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3. Upgrade your leggings

Yes, leggings are finally acceptable again, but that doesn’t mean you want to walk around in a baggy knee-ed, faded pair. Opt for these comfy bottoms with an interesting twist. The most daring might even go for leather leggings, which allow you to get away with this uber forgiving item in an up-to-date style.

4. Freshen up the LBD with accessories

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is not going anywhere. Freshen it up with the latest accessories – This season’s top accessories including eye-catching hair bands and clips as well as striking black jewellery. You can also pump up the little black dress (or indeed the black jeans, black pantsuit or leggings) with contrast heels. Fuchsia shoes anyone? Now that makes a statement.

5. All that shimmers..isn’t always gold

Black clothes with added sparkle aren’t just the reserve of Christmas parties. A black dress or jumper with integrated sparkles or glimmer is a very different affair to a plain black top without it.

6. Black in summer

Black does not have to be, and should not be, consigned to winter months. Black can look super striking teamed with a deep tan and the smell of a summer’s evening. The black maxi dresses like those in stock at are the perfect summer solution.

As you can see, it’s easy to wear black in a way that’s fresh, chic and elegant, with very little effort and just a tad of creativity.