How Tata Cliq Is Making It Easier To Pay For Your Diwali Shopping

One of the company spokespeople commented on the matters of bank facilities. Tata UniStore, who is the owner and operator of Tata Cliq, which started in May 2016, reported sales of INR 12 Cr in the years 2016-17 and downfall of Rs 162 crore, as per the latest data from Tata Sons financial records with the Registrar of Companies. Recently Tata Cliq availed many split ACs, smart television sets as well as smartphones at considerably low prices than their similar rivals models on the competing platforms. Consumer electronics and other related white goods manufacturers have a fear that if the strategy of Tata Cliq continues, it may end in another online price war that will peak by Diwali season. Various renowned personnel from the Indian e-commerce markets mentioned that Tata Cliq and other marketplaces are saddled with unsold products because sales after Diwali last year had either plunged or remained entirely flat for most categories, leading to this current discounting. The Tata Cliq avails to the customers many tata cliq bank offers that make them pay for the Diwali shopping more cost-effectively.

Here are the various ways in which Tata Cliq through their bank offers is making the shopping payments more comfortable for you:

  1. Debit Card Payments – You can avail the various debit card benefits like the Friday Standard Chartered debit card benefits. You can avail multiple rates of discount through such payment methods. You can also avail the weekend offers by the ICICI bank where there are special discounts for you on Saturdays and Sundays. These are permanent discount offers that are available every week.

  2. EMI Options – There are various EMI options that you can avail too for the better and multifaceted benefits availing from the site. They are one of the beneficial bank offers that you can get from the domain of Tata Cliq. On some bank EMI schemes, you can even avail the lower rates of interest on the EMI for your product.

  3. Cash on Delivery (On Selected Items) – There is the cash on the delivery facility on various products available for your enhanced shopping experience. The money on delivery is a robust one for the better and secure payment for the goods. These are among the most beneficial aspects of the payment processes available on the Tata Cliq domain.

  4. Netbanking – The netbanking is another payment procedure that is availed to you from the Tata Cliq realm. The net banking is among the best payment process for your purchased products over the Tata Cliq domain.

  5. Credit Card Payments – The credit card payment methods are also great, and this is a fantastic range of options availed to you. On the Wednesdays, you can avail the beneficial Axis Bank credit card offers. You can also get great discounts on the use of the Kotak Bank credit card facilities on every Tuesdays.

These are the various ways in which the Tata Cliq along with their bank offers helps them in making your shopping payment experience a nice and beneficial one. They avail to you various banking options and payment procedures that make it easy for you to pay for the products that you shop online for the Diwali season. These are the most beneficial payment methods that help you to get the best and comfortable payment experience from the domain of Tata Cliq.