How Do You Know You’ve Chosen the Perfect Engagement Ring?

So there you are, you’ve found the love of your life, you want to pop the question and fill her with joy when you slip that beautiful ring on her finger. But there’s a problem, you don’t know the first thing about engagement rings. After all, you’re no expert. Do you just spend more money, buy what other guys are buying, or just forget about the surprise and take your intended to the jeweler and let her pick her own ring?

Well take heart, you actually have a lot going for you when it comes to determining her perfect engagement ring . . you know her! That’s right, by this time you should know what your honey likes and what makes her special. You know if she’s old fashioned, romantic, modern, stylish or maybe a nature lover? Take a look at what some of those types might like in a ring design.

So, how would you describe her?

Classy and sophisticated?

She would appreciate the single solitaire set on the plain metal band. This gives the classic center diamond setting all of the attention it deserves, without distraction. This is still the most popular design and should be warmly welcomed by most personality types.

Dressy and refined?

If she the type who likes to show her glamorous side, she might like a setting such in a halo style setting. It takes its design cue from the 1920’s art deco design with a round row of smaller micro-pavé diamonds, encircling the larger center diamond. It that extra sparkle that gives it a larger, more dazzling appearance.

Loves nature and the outdoors?

If she’s the active type who loves to be surrounded by shapes found in nature, then a band that is more organic and vine-like, which moves up to hug the center diamond in a circular fashion, may be just what she’d love to wear. It also has the advantage of adding extra protection for the diamond.

Loves Antiques and Romance?

If she love antiques and the feeling of an age when things took more time and art was more ornate, then maybe she would like an actual ring from that era. They have the delicately engraved filigree patterns that were very feminine and beautiful. Many fine jewelers can help you find these rings from past collections and even resize it at needed.

Modern and likes thing Uncluttered?

Does your beloved appreciate a modern, fashion-forward style? Look at sculptural rings – rings that experiment with non-traditional forms. The clean, contemporary shapes that were popularized in the mid-twentieth century, were loved by women who appreciated simple and eye-pleasing, non-traditional shapes. You could opt for a slightly wider band, which has an row of three or four slightly smaller stones accentuated by smaller colored gemstones to add extra beautiful sparkle to the ring.

You’re sure to melt her heart when she realizes you took the time to give her the perfect engagement ring . . just for her.