Hotels, Budget Hotels, and Boutique Hotels, What’s the Difference?

Hotels, budget hotels, and boutique hotels. When traveling, you often hear or see these three words. In Sukhumvit 11 hotels in Bangkok too, all three exist because they are always there. Conceptually, the three of them are hotel or inn. However, it turns out there are quite significant differences between hotels, budget hotels, and boutique hotels. Check out the difference:


 Most of you already know what a hotel is. This hotel is a type of lodging that has the best service with various facilities in it. The types of stars also vary, from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the star, the more expensive the stay. However, there is a price, then there is quality. Even though it is expensive, the quality that will be obtained while staying is even more comfortable, for example like the Solitaire Bangkok Hotel, you can directly visit the website at

 Budget Hotel

 For your budget travelers who have limited finances, the Budget Hotel is the type of lodging that is perfect for you. Because the Budget Hotel offers rooms with standard facilities, such as beds, bathrooms, and dressers only. Therefore, the price per night is also very bag-friendly and tends to be cheap, so it is very popular with travelers. For those of you who want to stay at a hotel, want privacy, but the price is quite low, then the Budget Traveler can be selected.

 Boutique Hotel

 Ever heard of Boutique Hotel? Boutique hotels themselves have become popular over the past few years. As the name implies, this Boutique Hotel has a unique hotel concept and is different from hotels in general. Starting from the cute building design, room interiors that are different, and of course the limited number of rooms to give an exclusive impression. Especially when the social media era is booming, especially Instagram, lots of Boutique Hotels have sprung up to attract the attention of users. They offer different concepts for each room so that the curiosity of the guests is even more encouraged. The price offered per night can vary, some are still friendly in the bag and some are quite expensive.

 Now, do you already know the difference between a hotel, a budget hotel, and also a boutique hotel? Next time if you stay overnight, don’t make a mistake. I hope this helps