A guide on how to choose the right saree fabric for an occasion

With so many designs and fabrics available in sarees it is easy to get lost and confused as to what would be the best purchase for you. The saree fabrics hold a special significance in the Indian weather as some of them work in a particular weather and some don’t so it is always tricky to choose the perfect one accordingly.

These days online saree shopping has become much easier with several websites offering the different varieties in them right at one place. If you stay in an area where you cannot find a particular style or design, then you can always go for the trusted brand online and purchase the desired one.

Here are the some of the fabrics that you should definitely have in your wardrobe so that you can wear them interchangeably. Read more about them below:

  1. Georgette fabric

The georgette fabric is lightweight and is perfect for summers and any casual occasion. These are available in solid prints and colours and are often woven in silk threads with highly twisted yarns. However, these days the designers have started to use Faux georgette which is slightly less expensive than the usual one so you can always vouch for this one.

  1. Cotton fabric

Cotton is one of the lightest fabrics that you find in the textile industry and is perfect for wearing during the summer season. Several of the saree designs such as bandhani, bomkai, block prints, etc., are often done on cotton fabric as it provides the perfect base for weaving and printing the desired patterns.

  1. Silk saree

The silk saree is often heavy and is perfect for the winter seasons as the fabric provides you with the desired warmth. Some of the famous designs such as Benarasi, tussar, kanjeevaram, assam silk and many more are often made in the silk fabric. Silk weaving requires great craftsmanship and expertise which is why such sarees often take months in the making right before they are available for wearing. The region in which the silk is found also matters during the process as the silk found in the north-east region is slightly different from the one found in the South India.

  1. Chiffon saree

Chiffon is another fabric which is lightweight and slightly similar to the georgette one but it does not have rough surface just like the latter one. Wearing this saree is great for the summer months as the fabric is flowy and does not stick to the body due to excess sweat during such as time. Chiffon sarees can also come in a blend of cotton and silk yearn along with the synthetic ones such as rayon, nylon or even polyester.  The weave often incorporates the chequered mesh effect which eventually adds volume to the fabric making it a bit bouncy.

  1. Crepe saree

The crepe saree is another version of the silk fabric and is known for its crisp surface with texture that is pebbly in nature along with a good sheen that is clearly visible on the saree. The speciality of this saree is the manner in which the gum state of the silk is used during the weaving process. Moreover, the Canton variety of this saree in particular is used due to its wavy appearance.

Well, these were some of the fabrics that you must have in your wardrobe so that you can wear them on different occasions and according to the weather of the area that you are residing in. If  you are someone who likes to wear Indian sarees, then you must definitely own the above-mentioned fabrics in your wardrobe.