7 Benefits of Using a Smartwatch Everyday


There are still many people who think that the existence of a smartwatch will only be a waste of money for those who buy it. Yes, it’s not wrong, because conventional watches can also tell the time at any time. Not to mention, you can get a specific time just by looking at the smartphone screen. However, there are still many benefits that you can get by using a smartwatch every day.

The reason is, a smartwatch is not just adding to your style alone, Friends. There are many benefits of using a smartwatch, both physically and mentally, you know. Do not believe? Try to see some of the benefits that you can get just by using a smartwatch every day. Who knows, after reading it you will want to have it.

1. Know More Detailed Time

Watches were created to tell time, ranging from hours, minutes, to seconds. You can find out as easily as raising your arm and looking at your wrist. However, there are other important things that a smartwatch can provide, namely reminders.

The timer on the smartwatch will provide a very detailed time. Sometimes, days and dates are often forgotten when your activities are busy. You can also be reminded of important events on the day. You don’t want to miss a special day from loved ones.

2. Can search for missed smartphones

Surely you have had trouble finding a smartphone just because you forgot to put it at home. Instead of having to bother people to call him, all you have to do is use a gadget search application to find its exact location in the room.

Smartwatches can also prevent your smartphone from being left behind in public places. It is possible for you to leave your smartphone in the toilet or restaurant that you just visited. Well, if your smartphone and smartwatch are connected to each other, the two gadgets will send notifications when they are far apart.

3. Love Health Data

To be healthier, you should need adequate water intake and must move. Unfortunately, these two things are often forgotten. When they are busy, many people sometimes forget to drink water until they lose their concentration. Lack of moving the body will also cause a lot of fat accumulation in the body.

For these two cases, it can also help you to use a smartwatch every day. In all smartwatches, there is an application to record the amount of daily water consumption. So, you can tell if your body is adequately hydrated or not.

The smartwatch also has a step counter, you know. Try to target your daily step count of at least 1,000 – 1,500 steps per day. This amount is enough to keep your body weight in check. Believe me, you will be even more eager to walk if the daily count has not been met.

4. Without the hassle of receiving and replying to messages

Smartwatches are getting more sophisticated from time to time. As long as the gadget is connected to a smartphone, you can receive calls like science fiction films. When your hands are full of items, this smartwatch feature can be very helpful. Answering calls from a smartwatch can also keep you from seeing the smartphone screen while driving, you know.

What’s more, you can also reply to short messages directly from the smartwatch. Relax, almost all messaging applications can be connected to the smartwatch. If you are not comfortable typing on a small screen, just reply to the message with a template that has been made. At least, you have given a fast response.

5. Reducing Smartphone Addiction

Notifications from social media often become “poison” which makes hands sore to immediately open a smartphone. Frequently looking at social media timelines will lower your productivity level for sure. Don’t be surprised if suddenly your work piles up because you are too busy with smartphones, huh.

Well, the way to keep yourself away from your smartphone while working is to install notifications on your smartwatch for selected social media. Remember, don’t set notifications or you will get even more dizzy because your smartwatch will continue to vibrate. That way, you can focus on getting work done.

6. Smartphone battery will last longer

Because your smartphone is rarely touched, the battery will definitely last longer. Indeed, the Bluetooth smartphone will continue to be on all day long to connect with the smartwatch. However, battery consumption will be more economical than when you use it to surf or check social media timelines. That way, you don’t just look for plugs for charging the battery.

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