4 Hacks for Making Your Love of Horses an Affordable Passtime

A love of horses can quickly become a budget hog. The expenses seem to just keep adding up everywhere you look. You’ll likely need to cover the costs of feed, vet bills, and board when you own or lease a horse. However, there are some things you can do to help mitigate those costs so you can enjoy your passion. 

1. Shop Used Tack

The tack required to keep and ride a horse can get expensive fast. But, most of it is designed to provide years (if not decades) of reliable service when properly cared for. Which is great news for thrifty shoppers who can often pick up used saddles, bridles, stirrups, and other tack items at a fraction of their original cost. 

2. Look for Budget Clothing

Whether you prefer to ride in tights or you are planning to attend shows, the price of riding apparel can cause serious sticker shock. Before you hand over large amount of money for a pair of pants that are going to get covered in horsehair and sweat, there are other options. Look for cheap equestrian clothing that can help keep your costs down. 

3. Repurpose Household Items

Some supplies can be repurposed general household items. A sturdy stool can serve as a mounting block for most riders. That dollar store hairbrush and regular shampoo are usually fine for washing a horse’s mane and tail, too.

4. Change Boarding Options

If you have always kept your horse in a full-service barn, you may be surprised to learn there are other options. Pasture board is an excellent choice if you have a facility nearby. Make sure the owners keep an eye out and have defenses in place to protect against local predators. Another option is to get together with a couple of other riders and rent a pasture and barn. 

Don’t let unnecessary expenses take away the joy you have around horses. There are plenty of ways you can save on costs associated with their upkeep and riding pursuits.