Women’s Most Feared Beauty Problem

These days, being a woman is tough! Besides being required as a multi-talented figure, beauty is also a mandatory point. No wonder some women are often stressed because they are “haunted ” by imperfections in beauty problems. To make yourself look beautiful and captivating, you can take treatment at Bondi Lash & Beauty Clinic.

Well, what is the most feared of beauty problem by women? Let’s take a look at the following beauty issues most feared by women.

1. Hair loss

This is a classic issue that keeps lurking. Based on the survey, at least 78{5d5c1da3ba6166948ba80341857d99d368cb3525939419b723348d9de83ff7bb} of women are afraid of having hair loss that can cause baldness commonly experienced by men.

2. Dandruff

Based on surveys, there are at least 42{5d5c1da3ba6166948ba80341857d99d368cb3525939419b723348d9de83ff7bb} of women who fear of having dandruff. Generally, this dandruff problem occurs because of a yeast infection in the head and the rest is caused by dry …