The Best Way to Display a Classic and Unique Kitchen Room

The application of white color for the kitchen interior is widely used because the white color is neutral and easy to create the look of any stylish kitchen. In addition, this color also symbolizes freedom of creation in design, combined with contrasting colors or materials. 

In the white kitchen design picture above, for example. The preparation area uses metallic colors for the stove and is paired with steel in the sink and tap. Combining different colors from each other, but still in the same tone, successfully displaying the concept of a contemporary modern kitchen design with a bit of traditional accent. Besides being clean and neat, white kitchen tiles have a beautiful appearance. There are many ways to decorate one of your favorite rooms, one of which is by using decorative tiles. You can design a kitchen interior by using this decorative tile using white to make it look more unique and attractive. 

Not only as a decorative element of the floor, tiles can also be used on the wall or even stairs. The treatment is fairly easy also cheap when compared with other materials. Ceramic tiles are easier to clean, you only need to wash or clean them often. 

However, to make sure the kitchen is functioning properly, you also need to pay attention to the layout. The layout of the kitchen space, the choice of design styles, to the variety of kitchen appliances used, will influence the choice of decorative elements for the kitchen space. 

Here are some tips for decorating the kitchen using decorative tiles, so the room looks more attractive as well as inviting. 

Kitchen Decoration Tiles on the Floor 

For the kitchen areas that dominated by  white, you can make your kitchen look monochrome by using classic black tiles. There are many choices of types of decorative tiles that have black and white colors and can be easily found on the market. 

Tile on the Wall 

Classic tiles mounted in the area between tables, cabinets and white furniture will create a very attractive appearance. You can choose various types of key tiles or classic tiles that are preferred as wall decorations in the kitchen. 

In addition to white tiles, you can actually explore a vorious motifs. The triangular tile motif is very suitable as a backplash, because it has a unique and impressive triangle shape. In addition, you can also use unique and old school tile motifs to make your kitchen look classic and a little vintage. 


If you do not want to make the kitchen space look too crowded with the use of decorative tiles , you can present it in the furniture section. The use of tiles in furniture can eliminate the monotony impression and show more unique appearance. 

Choose furniture that extends to create a beautiful appearance in the kitchen area. 

You can try decorative tiles in a modern minimalist kitchen with the dominance of bright and neutral colors. This combination will produce a modern atmosphere that is both chic and classic. 

Tiles on the Stairs 

You can also decorate stairs in the kitchen area using this type of decorative tile. Use a selection of unique motifs to decorate the stairs. Give an attractive atmosphere is also unique. 

Kitchen with tiles and ceramics are susceptible to oil and seasoning stains, therefore you should regularly clean them. If the tile is exposed to oil or other stains, you can clean it using newspaper first. After that, sprinkle a little salt on the oil spill and the stain, then let stand for a while. Finally, use the newspaper again to clean it, then wipe with a cloth that has been given a liquid soap.