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4 Drug Tests That Show How Long Marijuana Stays in the Users’ Body

The time it takes for weed to stay up in a user’s body is among the many queries made by most people.Well, the answer differs as it depends on several factors. Some of these elements include THC fixation levels, how long the user takes the drug, and how often he or she takes it and techniques used to take the drug.

Normally, you will find that, if a consumer takes marijuana for an extended period, the more the drug is present in his or her system.On the other hand, the potency of cannabis is also a contributing factor. If a user takes a small amount of weed that contains THC levels that are high, the more the detection window is longer.

Also, depending on the drug test you take, the presence of THC and THC metabolites will vary. There are four weed tests that are used to check the existence of weed compounds in consumer’s body.The tests are discussed below in this article.

First and foremost, the urine test tests for traces of THC elements referred to as THC-COOH. But because THC-COOH is fat soluble, the urine drug test has an extended detection window as opposed to other tests. Conversely, there are other determining lifestyle factors that control the outcome of the urine drug test which include the body mass and fat of the user, quantity and how regular the user takes weed. As a result, it is onerous to state how much time it would take to detect the existence of THC.But then, for chronic users, traces of THC may be confirmed after 30 days and for the one-time users, the existence of THC may test positive after one or six days.

However, saliva drug test does not take a longer period to test positive for THC metabolites in the user’s system. The saliva test indicates traces of THC elements after 1 hour but can stay up to 24 hours for first-time users. It can detect the THC levels in chronic users within 72 hours.

The other marijuana drug test is the hair follicle test that has an extended recognition window for weed. Most hair drug tests detect the appearance of THC after three months for the heavy marijuana users. If you take marijuana for the first time, the hair follicle drug test may not test positive results, but after seven days, it can discover small traces of THC.

Lastly, blood drug test typically works after 24 hours for the first time users, but for the repeat consumers, it can test positive within 2-7 days after the last time of taking marijuana.

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