How to Choose the Perfect Swiss Watch?

The choice of a Swiss watch is a matter of responsibility. With an impressive amount of money to spend, you certainly want to buy a perfect and original accessory. The watch market is incredibly vast and every manufacturer wants to be the first seller. In search of fame and profit, some unscrupulous companies even produce fake products, posing them as authentic ones. In order not to become addicted to crooks and to buy a high end Swiss watch that will meet all your requirements, here are the best tips.

The “Swiss Made” Quality Stamp

First of all, you should understand what exactly lies behind the words “Swiss Made”. In 2017, the Swiss government introduced new requirements for national labeling. Those requirements are more demanding compared to the previous edition to fill the gaps used by various unscrupulous manufacturers. Nowadays, watches can be considered Swiss only if they were designed in Switzerland and have a Swiss mechanism, which also must have been installed in the country. The final test needs to have been carried out in Switzerland. And at least 60% of production costs are concentrated in the country of origin.

If you have doubts about the origin of the Swiss watches proposed by a little-known brand, you must first consider the following points. The Swiss Made stamp is usually marked at the bottom of the dial on both sides of the 6 o’clock position. But other writing methods, such as Made in Switzerland, Made in Swiss or Swiss Product, are also considered as legal. The Swiss Made phrase is sometimes placed on the strap, the clasp and the visible part of the mechanism. Anyway, you should make sure that the watch has an official certificate of origin and a guarantee like the Swiss Made Chrono Tour Fashion that you will find on

Analyze the Mechanism of the Swiss Watch

Let us not beat around the bush by talking about durability and reliability, and let us move on directly to the description of mechanical and quartz models. The mechanism of the clock is in no way related to the question of prestige, it depends on its performance and accuracy. So, which Swiss watch to choose: quartz or mechanical? Many buyers prefer the first one because it does not require periodic maintenance procedures. On the other hand, some people only swear by mechanical watches. Why do differences of preferences appear?

A mechanical watch needs the attention of its owner and does not tolerate any contemptuous attitude, but it is a real living mechanism. Try to look at the movement of the seconds hand, it fascinates and immerses you in another universe. However, with quartz models, the movement is made to order. Thus, if precision is extremely important to you, it’s the best choice.