Happy Valentine’s Day 2018: Here’s why kiss day is most essential from all other love days


No doubt, kissing is the form of exercise of expressing love and affection to your partner physically. While kissing is the regular exercise between the couple, still it isn’t limited to wives/husbands or boyfriend/girlfriend.

It is the first step towards a physical relationship – a seal of love between both the individuals.

While there can be different ways like presenting a teddy bear, online gifts for girlfriend, perfume, chocolate, kissing is the first sign of bonding, both emotionally as well as physically.

Reason for celebrating kiss day

A cute kiss is the best way to express what can’t be said in words. It is the expression of love which is done intimately. While kissing your partner for the first time, it feels entirely different.

You enter in the world of dream where everything seems perfect. A tender kiss on Valentine day gift of a girl can initiate the love-filled relationship which you always wanted.

This is the one in Valentine’s week where you can express all your emotions in a comforting way.

While celebrating this day with cards, flowers, and cake, it will become the most memorable one in the life of a couple which will be treasured forever.

If it is celebrated well, this will turn into the day which will always be remembered.


It is not a starter but a dish itself

Most of the couples feel that kiss is the starter before making love where they demean the importance of holy exercise.

It is also proved scientifically that kiss removes stress from the mind of a person and also helps to release the oxytocin from the brain from which people will receive different bond to their partner.

So, it is essential to realize the importance of kiss. This isn’t the step in making love, but it is the exercise.

Kissing should be made special on this day

Kissing is a regular exercise, and most of the people don’t understand the need for this special day. Kissing on Valentine kiss day should be unique.

This is the day of a Valentine week which is celebrated with passion, and it can also turn your life happier as well as romantic.

How to make kissing special on this day?

Most of the people wonder that if they kiss on a regular basis, how kissing on this day can be different? Here are some of the ways:

Kiss in the midnight

While the clock turns 12, head towards your partner and kiss him/her with passion. Don’t think even if she/he is sleeping.

Think about your first kiss

Recall the memory when you both first kissed each other. Discuss how you both kissed each other, what your thoughts were after and before kissing, and also how you prepared yourself.

There are so many ways of kissing, and you just need to be sure that this should be special and delivered with passion. So, forget online gifts for girlfriend and start thinking to make it unique.