Discovering the Wonderful World of Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

It has become rather popular to have permanent eyelash extensions. Lots of women seem to love the added volume and the accent on the eyes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept, but I do have to say that the term permanent is a little misleading, which I found out recently when talking to an expert who has many clients asking for eyelash extensions at her London clinic.

They are actually semi permanent eyelash extensions, not permanent. They do last a lot longer than the extension that are labelled temporary, but they are by no means permanent. There are a number of different techniques that are used, take the eyelash perm for example. This makes your eyelashes look thicker, but it actually only adds body to what is there. The effect will last only as long as your eyelashes stay in place. So, if you decide that you want thicker and longer eyelashes, go for it.

Just be aware that the extensions are not going to be permanent, no matter what technique you try. It is simply not possible to permanently change a constantly changing feature. There is no doubt that it will look great while it lasts though! Something well worth spending a little money of every once in a while, as long as you have realistic expectations and do not break the bank.

My personal experience

I just had my second lot of lashes applied. Since I’d first tried eyelash extensions a few months before I knew the method was just like having hair extensions but more sensitive. Artificial lashes are connected to your own lashes one by one employing specific surgical glue. You don’t really feel anything, and your eyes are closed the entire time. It’s really an incredibly soothing procedure.

Once the new lashes are attached you need to wait a few minutes for the bonding agent to set and then the tiny gems are glued in place using fine tweezers. The technique is interesting and extremely fragile. I had my eye shadow with me to guarantee the colour selection would work. The technician helped me apply it and I picked Swarovski crystals given that they have so much glitter and shine. My only thought after I saw the results was that I unquestionably got the wow element. 

Decorated eyelashes can make your eyes look very sexy

I discovered semi-permanent eyelash extensions some time ago and they’ve worked well for enhancing my eyes. Prior to Xmas I had invitations to a couple trendy gatherings, and I wished to make a very big impact. I chose ‘dressing’ my eyes in jewelled lashes would give me that amazing impress that would turn every head within the room in my direction and the impact was enormously eye-catching.  The technician didn’t recommend decreased extensions for eyelashes since they are so hard to keep in, but I preferred them due to this special occasion but didn’t have got gems put on the bottom set. The result seemed to be magnificent and my stunning eyes, with their thick, sparkling fringes, appeared huge.

I also observed I looked a good couple of years younger which has been an added bonus. Exactly the same as everyday lash extensions you have to be wary not to get water near your eyes for the first day. The jewels fail to last as long as eyelash extensions however they lasted through both parties and I would hardly have preferred jewels on my lashes at work.