How to wear black in a fresh way

How to wear black in a fresh way

Black will always be the new black, whatever colours come and go from the catwalks, but how can you keep black looking fresh, exciting and on-trend? We take a look at some key ideas for freshening up everybody’s most flattering shade.

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1. Casual black pantsuit

The casual black playsuit is THE capsule outfit for 2019. Suitable for work, dates and even casual affairs. Wear with heels, white trainers, a blazer or just a flash of red lippy, according to the occasion.

2. Black jeans can be chic

Everybody has a pair of black jeans that they would like to wear all the time. Slimming, comfortable and versatile. Don’t worry about looking scruffy in jeans as you can seriously chic-up black denimwear with the right outfit. Kitten heels, a white shirt, a summer jacket; any of these transform black jeans into …

Discovering the Wonderful World of Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

It has become rather popular to have permanent eyelash extensions. Lots of women seem to love the added volume and the accent on the eyes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept, but I do have to say that the term permanent is a little misleading, which I found out recently when talking to an expert who has many clients asking for eyelash extensions at her London clinic.

They are actually semi permanent eyelash extensions, not permanent. They do last a lot longer than the extension that are labelled temporary, but they are by no means permanent. There are a number of different techniques that are used, take the eyelash perm for example. This makes your eyelashes look thicker, but it actually only adds body to what is there. The effect will last only as long as your eyelashes stay in place. So, if you decide that you want …

The best ways to style a polo shirt

The polo shirt has been around for some time and has remained a popular fashion item because it is unique and classic in appearance and extremely versatile.


The polo shirt is most often suitable for smart/casual occasions. However, while traditionally worn on the golf course ( or while visiting the country club, there are many other times it is also appropriate.

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For a casual approach, try a long-sleeved design. This is a welcome change from the more traditional short-sleeved style and can be worn in a darker colour for a less formal look.

A different look can be achieved by choosing a lighter colour. Choose grey for the base and team it with a white or pastel polo shirt like the mens Farah shirts at sites like

Smart Casual

Sometimes we all struggle to achieve the right balance between smart and casual. Chinos …

Six reasons to love maxi dresses

Whatever the occasion, a maxi dress is a must-have for the summer. This jersey fabric dress is easy to wear, comfortable, looks good all the time and comes in many different colours and designs.

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One of the best things about a maxi dress is that it can be worn with any style of shoe and a variety of accessories, and it can be dressed up or down.

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The maxi dress stretches with you, so if you are lazing in the park on a sunny afternoon or enjoying a meal out with friends, you will always feel comfortable in a maxi dress. If you need the bathroom whilst out, the maxi dress is also extremely convenient!

Feminine and Flattering

The maxi dress is feminine not only because it is a dress but also because it is shaped for the female body, with many designs offering side …

Pay attention to these things when you want to buy a motorcycle jacket!

For those of you who like to ride motorbikes or touring, surely understand very well how important it is to wear a motorcycle jacket when driving. Now jackets from Wheels not only add cool looks, but can also protect you from heat and wind that are not good for the body. Wheels is one of the motorcycle clothing sale UK, there are many variations of jackets that offer wheels at fairly cheap prices, if you are interested, you can visit the wheels at

At present, the Jacket is a safety device that must be used by motorists. Its function not only protects the body during an accident, but also protects the body from sunlight and wind. Then what are the criteria for a jacket suitable for everyday riding? Certainly not determined by how thick or how expensive the jacket is, but there are certain conditions that must be …

Why You Should Pack a Hoodie or Sweatshirt for Skiing…

Why You Should Pack a Hoodie or Sweatshirt for Skiing…Skiwear isn’t just about thick padded jackets and skin-tight thermals, there’s an all-important middle layer that can make all the difference when it comes to keeping warm, staying comfortable, and transitioning from daytime to evening.

Whether made from cotton, polyester fleece or elastic material, hoodies and sweatshirts can be a hugely comforting addition to your ski wear look. With stylish options from the likes of Sweaty Betty, Tory Sport, and Roxy, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a relaxed chic look out on the slopes from your favorite ski and snowboard wear brands.

Not sure where to start? Let us talk you through the vital steps to choosing a ski hoodie or snowboard sweater and you’ll be looking the part in no time.

What to look out for …

Whilst everybody loves the comfort of a hoodie or sweatshirt, it’s

A guide on how to choose the right saree fabric for an occasion

With so many designs and fabrics available in sarees it is easy to get lost and confused as to what would be the best purchase for you. The saree fabrics hold a special significance in the Indian weather as some of them work in a particular weather and some don’t so it is always tricky to choose the perfect one accordingly.

These days online saree shopping has become much easier with several websites offering the different varieties in them right at one place. If you stay in an area where you cannot find a particular style or design, then you can always go for the trusted brand online and purchase the desired one.

Here are the some of the fabrics that you should definitely have in your wardrobe so that you can wear them interchangeably. Read more about them below:

  1. Georgette fabric

The georgette fabric is lightweight and is perfect …